NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Serial Key

NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Crack

NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Serial Key

Selamat Pagi Sobat.pagi ini saya akan berbagi NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Serial Key

NetLimiter Pro adalah kontrol lalu lintas internet dan pemantauan alat utama dirancang untuk Windows .

Fitur :

  1. Multi-Monitor Taskbars
  2. Full internet bandwidth control over applications and computers
    • Powerful connection blocker
    • Long-term internet traffic statistics
    • Fully customizable behaviour using user-defined Rules and Filters
  3. New features in v3.0.11
    • WHOIS, Ping a TraceRoute added
    • Scheduler day of week mismatch fixed
    • Few more new languages added
    • Monitor version available now (free registration)
    • Several tools for Stats database maintenance added
    • Stats pluging redesigned
  4. Bug fixes in v4.0.9.0
    • Stats: Problems in left Custom filter menu. Did not work properly in several cases.
    • Top level traffic filters displayed in wrong place in Activity View.
    • Connection’s network interface change ignored when filtering the traffic.
    • Firewall request window (ASK rule): Deny action and ‘don’t ask me again’ option will not block first connection in the list.
    • Possible access violation exception and the GUI application crash when loading traffic data from service.
    • NetLimiter window access violation exception when parsing IP address, i.e. when firewall request window opened.
    • NetLimiter service access violation exception when parsing IP address, i.e. when creating filter for IP range etc.
    • NetLimiter service deadlock on its shutdown.
    • BSOD when a lot of traffic is pended via ASK rule.
  5. New features in v
    • Added full IPv6 support (limits, firewall, stats, etc.).
    • Stats: Now you can sort data by Apps, Users and Countries (where the data flowed) and view data Payload or protocol Overhead data.
    • Installer contains less files.
    • Context menus for most of list views.
    • Tools section in Info View.
    • Option to Kill existing connections added.
    • Improved list of applications and filters in Rule editor.
    • Some keyboard shortcuts added.
    • Almost all list views in NetLimiter are sortable now.
    • Byte units in rule lists.
    • New Blocker module which allows to define firewall rules order. The firewall rules are now sorted and evaluated from first to last. The first applicable rule is taken.
    • A lot of minor GUI improvements.
NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Crack

NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Crack

NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Crack

Coba deh sob:

 Link Download di bawah ini

Panduan Instal

  1. Download NetLimiterPro v4.0.9.0 Full Crack dari link di atas
  2. Install ' nl3setup.exe ' sampai selesai
  3. Restart PC / laptop
  4. Buka NetLimiter klik Help = > Register , masukkan serial Key di atas
  5. Selesai

WORK TASTED : Windows XP/7/8 


Operating system requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1

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