PilotEdit x64 v7.6.0 Full Patch

PilotEdit x64 v7.6.0 Full Patch

PilotEdit x64 v7.6.0 Full Patch

Selamat Pagi Sobat.pagi ini saya akan berbagi PilotEdit x64 v7.6.0 Full Patch

PilotEdit adalah editor file yang kuat yang mampu mengedit file besar lebih besar dari 400GB ( 40 miliar baris ) . PilotEdit menyediakan kemampuan untuk mengedit , download, upload, mengurutkan dan membandingkan file besar . PilotEdit bekerja pada kedua 32 - bit dan 64 - bit Windows Operating System .

Fitur :

  1. Edit huge files larger than 400GB (40 billion lines).
  2. Compare and merge two huge files larger than 100GB (10 billion lines). 
  3. Code collapse. 
  4. Self-defined file types and key words high-lightening. 
  5. Input, delete, cut, copy and paste in HEX mode. 
  6. Column mode and Word wrap. 
  7. Endless undo/redo even after you switching between text mode and HEX mode. 
  8. Edit, download and upload huge FTP files. 
  9. Find/replace multiple-line text directly through regular expression. 
  10. Compare two directories. 
  11. Add a pre-defined string from string table by just one click. 
  12. Regular expression and multiple-line text support.
  13. Define the frequently used regular expressions in script files and process files automatically. 
  14. File group enable you to open multiple files by just one click. 
  15. Find/replace in multiple directories. 
  16. Sort. 
  17. Find/remove duplicate lines. 
  18. Extract Strings by copying the target strings matching the regular expression into clipboard. 
  19. Text Formatting. 
  20. Edit, download and upload large files through SFTP. 
  21. Open huge files in quick mode. 
  22. Replace millions of strings in a huge file in quick mode. 
  23. Support UNICODE files and DOS/UNIX files. 
  24. Search in zip files. 25. Regular expression generator.
PilotEdit x64 v7.6.0 Full Patch

PilotEdit x64 v7.6.0 Full Patch

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Panduan Instal

    WORK TASTED : Windows XP/7/8 

    Pasword: www.gudanggratis.com

    Operating system requirements

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1

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